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My guess is when you started out on this career path it was because you wanted a shift from the nine-to-five. You wanted out of the office cubicle and into a fulfilling, rich career full of creativity, passion, and excitement. Fast-forward and you find yourself in an eerily similar situation. Sure you've exchanged the cubicle for a comfy coffee-shop scene and you DO feel fulfilled when you're actually creating for weddings, but the amount of time you're spending behind a computer screen composing emails to current clients, to prospective clients, to vendor partners, to your team, it's overwhelming and beginning to weigh on you just like that old corporate job used to. You can see a vision of how great it could be... if only you could get more time to do what you started this business to do, bring dreams to life!

Get back to doing what you love, while serving your couples better than ever, with tried-and-true templates & processes to streamline your biz. If you're looking to up your sales game, better your client experience, or just stop having to start over to write the same email to a vendor partner with every wedding, these email templates feature variations for every situation. 

Why email templates?

the 51 emails includE

I've turned one of my most popular freebies, "The 51 Email Templates Every Planner Needs Checklist", into a done-for-you download so you can get streamline your inbox starting with your very next email. 

My Biggest Bundle... Ever.

9 Sales Emails
breeze from initial inquiry to happily booked client

11 Current Client Emails
seamlessly gather info you need to serve them well

10 Vendor Partner Emails
communicate professionally with less effort and earn referrals

9 Team Emails
build and manage your crew to help you do what you do

12 Editorial Emails
develop quality relationships while upgrading your portfolio

Inside this booklet, you'll find email templates for communicating with a client’s vendor team from proposal request to wedding day. Don't spend all day writing the same emails over-and-over!  These templates help you serve your ideal client by providing their vendors with the information, value, and responsiveness they expect from a professional wedding planner.

vendor Partner email templates


This download includes a basic email template series to take your coordination clients from the day they book to the day they say “I do” without wasting time figuring out what to say or stressing over missing an important detail. You can use these templates as is by completing the fill-in-the-blanks or tweak them to fit your coordination process and brand voice.

coordination Email templates


In this digital booklet, you’ll find the exact same email templates I use to take a couple from initial inquiry to happily booked client without spending all day figuring out what to say or stressing over when and how to follow up!  Book your ideal client by providing them with the information, value, and responsiveness they expect from a professional wedding planner.

Sales Email templates


In this installment of the email template series, I'm providing you with the exact same email templates I use to take an editorial vision from concept to publication without agonizing over what to say to seal the deal. Psst... vendors love my communication during the editorial process so much, they have referred me because of it! 

Editorial team email templates


— Ashley silver of silver celebrations, wedding planner

I say the same things pretty regularly, so the templates are very helpful. I wish I could let go a bit to have an assistant help with the flow, but I like to be as hands on as possible and build the relationships so the clients know who they're working with. [Skylar] poured so much of [her] knowledge and expertise and style into these and they are amazing. I cant wait to start using the coordination ones especially!

"I am so overwhelmed with gratitude for these templates! Having something like this could help free up some time by streamlining my processes."

Photography by KVC Photography

— Kristen, 2018 Bride

From ensuring vendors were confirmed and the timeline was mapped out to leading our rehearsal in the chaos of all the people and personalities! She handled all questions and issues that arose so I could focus on our wedding day and spending time with my new husband and all the family and friends that were there to celebrate with us."

"The morning of our wedding I woke up with no fear or anxiety because I knew we had a plan and Skylar would be on top of every detail...

Photography by Shelby Tsika Photography

— Sarah chancey, founder of chancey charm weddings

Skylar’s email templates are both professional and easy to use. I personally watched her perfect these over the course of 3+ years with real client interactions. Her generosity in sharing these is unmatched and our team of 35+ planners across the country can’t say enough good things about them. 

"These templates are saving us time and sanity. They are worth every penny! "

Photography by KVC Photography

— Elaine, Bride 2018

From the time I started working with her (about ten months out) until the week before the wedding, Skylar sent me a Monday morning email with the weekly to dos (both hers and mine) and a Friday recap. I'm a list-oriented person, so this kept my anxiety at bay, and helped break down the somewhat overwhelming check-list into manageable weekly bites. Further, she was on top of all the little details - from reminding the groomsmen to wear black socks to ensuring the ever-changing place assignments were correct for both events.

"I interviewed six other wedding planners before finding Skylar, and am convinced she is a step above."

Photography by Josh & Dana Fernandez

client praise

don't just take my word for it!

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