Skylar is a Texas-based wedding planner & designer sharing her sanity-saving processes & templates.



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If you love cozy flannel, cheese plates, and a good brainstorm sesh, you'll feel right at home here.

When I’m not crafting meaningful, timeless weddings as a planner & designer for the coast-to-coast wedding studio, Chancey Charm, I’m probably soul-deep in a heart-to-heart with a fellow creative. My top two results in “Strengths Finders 2.0” were input and learning - meaning I’m doubly in love with taking on new information and brainstorming how to apply it to life and business.

I’m a big believer in continual growth, but I also believe that growth is messy. So throw on that comfy tee, grab a glass of wine, and let’s dive in together.

I'm Skylar, a wedding planner, designer, and systems enthusiast.
I guide dreamers & doers through all things weddings.

Will take you to the next level

I'M SKylar, AND I BELIEVE that systematizing your biz


And guess what...

You might say event planning runs in my blood. My "Gigi" - all Southern gals have a gigi, right? - owned and operated a corporate event company for years before I was born. But unlike my grandmother, I dreamed less of scheduling keynote presentations and more of creating wow-worthy design moments that made couples gush.

While earning my degree in the Hospitality Management program at Auburn University. I began to search for more places to gain hands-on experience which lead me to Sarah Chancey and an internship with Chancey Charm Weddings. After four years of working hard with the Atlanta dream team, I was given the incredible opportunity to open a Chancey Charm branch location in Houston, Texas. I was honored, excited, and couldn't wait to dive in. There was just one "problem"... 



Instead of filling my days with Netflix marathons & pity parties (although there were plenty of both), I dove in head first to my processes. ⁠

I created checklist, guides, and templates for myself to make sure that each future client would feel supported and my detail-oriented mind had all the knowledge I needed to rock their world and cement our professionalism.

I had no connections in Houston and
no wedding clients lined-up. 😬

ready to systematize your wedding planning biz?

Now these processes are a huge trade mark of a "Skylar Caitlin for Chancey Charm" wedding and are even being used by our national team to up-level our game and guide newer planners through all the ins & outs of how to produce a high-quality wedding experience for our couples coast-to-coast.⁠

It has been a joy to share these with the national team because the reality is we aren't all Type A. Some of my teammates are far more XYZ than I am and they constantly help me in that department. Processes just happen to be where I excel. ⁠

Which is why I'm opening up this shop to bring these game-changing templates & processes to other wedding planners because here's the reality: 

We are left-brained creatives who wish we could outsource our timeline creation. We are logistics-minded mavens who are so swamped in BEOs that we can only focus on two weeks into the future. We are busy moms juggling sleep training with office hours. We are singles working a 9-to-5  to pay the bills while chasing a dream of self-employment. The one thing we all share is that we want to create a fulfilling, passion-driven career serving others, but don't feel like there are enough hours in the day to make it happen. 

Our industry is so multifaceted. 
We aren't all Type-A, Enneagram 1, ENFJs.


That community is everything. And that a little kindness can go a long way. And that design adds to the fullness of life.

here's what i believe

every wedding planner is unique


We weren't meant to do life alone. It's my joy to pour into my communities by sharing what gifts I have and uplifting those around me.

Community is everything.



It seems so simple, but choosing kindness isn't always easy. It takes courage and strength to respond in kindness even when others do not.

Kindness goes a long way



Sometimes making "pretty things" can feel frivolous. The above quote by Liene Stevens of Think Splendid is a reminder that what I do as a designer is important in both my life and the lives of others.

design adds to the fullness of life


— stephanie porter, owner of Cincy event planning

Thank you so much for providing this Process Package. My company has been moving into more of a design space and I've been trying to create a design process by scratch and let me tell you it is hard! Having this Process Package not only gave me a wonderful foundation to create our process with but has also saved me so much time!

"My company has been moving into more of a design space and I've been trying to create a design process by scratch and let me tell you it is hard! "

Photography by Kortnee Kate Photography

— radhika, bride

We wanted a non-religious wedding with elements of Indian weddings (lots of color, candles), but really didn't have any idea how that would mesh. Skylar helped us refine our idea so that it was still ours, but it worked with our venue and with our budget. We had an awesome time at our wedding and based on some feedback from our friends and families, so did our guests!

"Skylar did an amazing job with taking our not-quite-fully-formed idea and making it an amazing wedding!"

Photography by Jacquelyn Nicole Photography

— Ashley silver of silver celebrations, wedding planner

I say the same things pretty regularly, so the templates are very helpful. I wish I could let go a bit to have an assistant help with the flow, but I like to be as hands on as possible and build the relationships so the clients know who they're working with. [Skylar] poured so much of [her] knowledge and expertise and style into these and they are amazing. I cant wait to start using the coordination ones especially!

"I am so overwhelmed with gratitude for these templates! Having something like this could help free up some time by streamlining my processes."

Photography by KVC Photography

— Kristen, Bride

From ensuring vendors were confirmed and the timeline was mapped out to leading our rehearsal in the chaos of all the people and personalities! She handled all questions and issues that arose so I could focus on our wedding day and spending time with my new husband and all the family and friends that were there to celebrate with us."

"The morning of our wedding I woke up with no fear or anxiety because I knew we had a plan and Skylar would be on top of every detail...

Photography by Shelby Tsika Photography

— Taylor Hill, Ivory Couture Bridal

I have a pretty good handle on my process, but I was looking for a guide to help me templated this! Your guide was exactly what I needed. It served as the perfect roadmap for getting all the things out of my head and onto paper, all while adding to my existing process.

"I know this will be so valuable in making sure any client that books with Ivory Couture is getting the same amazing experience no matter which planner they are working with. "

— Elaine, 2018

From the time I started working with her (about ten months out) until the week before the wedding, Skylar sent me a Monday morning email with the weekly to dos (both hers and mine) and a Friday recap. I'm a list-oriented person, so this kept my anxiety at bay, and helped break down the somewhat overwhelming check-list into manageable weekly bites. Further, she was on top of all the little details - from reminding the groomsmen to wear black socks to ensuring the ever-changing place assignments were correct for both events.

"I interviewed six other wedding planners before finding Skylar, and am convinced she is a step above."

Photography by Josh & Dana Fernandez

client praise

don't just take my word for it!

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