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With nearly a decade in the wedding industry, Skylar has created fill-in-the-blank templates, process guides, and resources to help you streamline your wedding planning business.

Resources for Wedding Planners & Pros

Time-saving, easy-to-implement

Email Templates

Ashley, Silver Celebrations

I say the same things pretty regularly, so the templates are very helpful. I wish I could let go a bit to have an assistant help with the flow, but I like to be as hands on as possible and build the relationships so the clients know who they're working with. [Skylar] poured so much of [her] knowledge and expertise and style into these and they are amazing.

"Overwhelmed with gratitude..."

Process Guides

Cincey Event Planning

My company has been moving into more of a design space and I've been trying to create a design process by scratch and let me tell you it is hard! Having this Process Package not only gave me a wonderful foundation to create our process with but has also saved me so much time!

"Gave me a wonderful foundation...saved me so much time!"

Freelance Design Services for Wedding Planners


Outsource? Yes. A (freelance) wedding designer can step in On An as needed basis and deliver a cohesive design plan ready for you to implement. This leaves you free to focus on what you love doing without the hassle of juggling another employee on payroll. 

Let's Talk if you want to...

book higher end clients

increase your revenue from full planning clients

provide couples with beautiful & personalized design plans

GOOD NEWS: You don't have to hire an employee...

You can outsource your design work.

What if you could have a designer on your team to lighten the workload?

Scary first thought: But hiring an employee is so extra pressure/work/expense?

Planning weddings is your jam.

You’re great at logistics and LOVE making a couple’s vision a reality.

It’s your favorite thing to do

BUT WHAT DO YOU DO WHEN your client doesn’t come to you with a strong visiON?

Yes, you can hook them up with the best vendors in town. 

Yes, you can make sure their wedding day is flawlessly smooth.

But ideating A design that is unique to who they are as a couple? 

That’s not your cup of tea.

Are you a logistical queen who feels stuck when it comes to wedding design? Hire me to design your client’s big day.

Skylar is a Texas-based wedding planner & designer sharing her sanity-saving processes & templates.