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How to Personalize Email Templates

You know that templates will take your business to the next level by cutting down on rewriting routine responses and freeing up your valuable time. But you’re afraid that your template is going to sound like, well, a template. I hear you! And you’re not wrong. Using a template straight out-of-the-box may not be the best fit for your business. 

There are 4 things I want you to check your template for before you hit send. 

  1. Can you hear your brand voice?

The way we “speak” in writing should be a close reflection of how we speak in real life. If the template uses words that don’t sound quite like you, change them up! If the salutation is “hello” and you’re more of a “hey,” gal yourself, by all means swap it out. If they use contractions and that goes against all your sensibilities, don’t let me stop you from changing those into separate words. Inject the template with your voice and your brand words to make it feel personal and fresh. 

Tip: just be cause you’re wordy and use jargon in real life (guilty!) doesn’t mean your emails need to be overly lengthy or full of confusing words – that’s the beauty of writing a template. You can cut it down to the necessary elements while still sounding like you! 

2. Does it fit your process?

Make sure that the template you’re using actually reflects your processes. Does it leave out an important due date? Does it include the link to your proprietary questionnaire? Don’t leave it out just because the template doesn’t include it. Review the template through the lens of your client process to ensure it’s as informative and effective as it can be. 

3.   Have you included your client’s personal details? 

This is probably the easiest way to “de-template” your template. Make sure you use their name in the salutation (instead of just a generic “Hello!”). Mention as descriptor about their wedding where appropriate (i.e. “I am looking forward to meeting to chat all about your May wedding.” Or “Here’s a link to your timeline. I love how much time we’ve left for the dancing; I know your guests are going to have a blast!”). 

4.   What about the visual branding?

Don’t forget to update the font when copying & pasting your template to match your regular email font. While I keep my own font fairly generic, I like how clean classics like Helvetica look, I have vendor partners who make their email fonts match their website and/or branding font. I immediately perk up when I get their emails because it breaks the monotony of my inbox items and seems to give their message a fresh appearance. Matching your emails sent with a template and your everyday responses fonts will create a cohesive experience that makes the templates feel personal and less like templates. 

Warning: Just be sure that the font you choose is legible in email. Remember, we still want these to be skimable and efficient. No one likes squinting to try and decipher their planner’s emails. 

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