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Most Commonly Forgotten Wedding Items

Couples and friends alike often ask me, “What’s the most commonly forgotten wedding items?” For a while, I wasn’t sure exactly what the answer was… until I realized they’re all sitting in my emergency kit! Over the years, I’ve curated a literal crate full of helpful (and commonly forgotten) items to help my couples have a fabulous wedding weekend. So, just for you, I’ve rounded up a list of eight of the most commonly forgotten wedding items:

Styling Flowers for the Photographer

Photography Credit: Haint Blue Collective

If gorgeously styled paper goods and wedding rings doesn’t set your heart fluttering, you can skip right past this first forgotten component. But if you saved flatlays to your wedding inspo boards, you’ll want to make sure that your florist is setting aside some blooms for your photographer to use. Sometimes these come at an additional cost (as of mid-2022 the average price is see is $25 for a cluster of stems), but if these images are important to you confirming that your photographer will have styling flowers upon their arrival is a must!

Cake Knife/Server

Photography Credit: Holly Marie Photography

My personal cake knife & server live in my emergency kit now because it’s actually more common for my couples to need to borrow it than for them to have provided their own! Many couples assume their caterer (who may be cutting the cake for service) supplies this items but that is rarely the case. The knife the kitchen is using is far less aesthetically pleasing that the actual wedding cake knife & server set I keep handy.

Pro-Tip: Before heading out to buy a set, ask around to extended family to see if anyone has a set you could use. This is a great chance to incorporate a unique “something borrowed” for your wedding day.

Pens for the Guest Book

Photography Credit: BLVD Photography

Another commonly forgotten wedding item is pens for signing the guest book. Especially if your guest book has a special kind of paper or requires a special pen (i.e. white/light ink to write on black/dark pages), you’ll want to ensure you send these with the guest book to the wedding.

Pro-Tip: Write on a scrap sheet of paper before packing the pens to make sure that they work and are ready for guests’ immediate use.

Table Number Holders

Photography Credit: Kayla Esparza

I now keep metal holders in gold, silver, and black at the ready in my kit. If you selected paper table numbers that don’t come with a stand, you’ll need something to hold them upright to be visible to guests. (P.S. I always tell my couples they’re welcome to use the holders for my collection because how likely is it you’re going to need 22 gold table number holders on the regular?)


Photography Credit: Emily Figurelli Photography

You’ve run down the list of signage for your wedding day, but do you have easels and stands to hold them up? Don’t assume your venue will have easels available to you. (If you’re learning one thing from me, I’m kind of hoping it’s “confirm everything”… and also, hire a wedding planner!) They may not have the quantity, size, or style you want available. Check with you venue, planner, florist, and rental team to see what, if any, easels are available to you. If there aren’t any Michael’s has a fairly good selection. (Just, please no artist canvas easels. I assisted a wedding where the couple sent one of these. It required power tools we didn’t have making it’s sturdiness questionable at best.)

Pro-Tip: Acrylic signs are tricky and, while super cute, are hard to photography well or even make legible on a non-acrylic easel. Keep this in mind when selecting wedding say signage.


Photography Credit: Ashlen Sydney

Whether it’s for you, your parents, or your wedding party – there will probably be at least one “crier” in the group and you’ll want something to keep everyone looking their best. I stock the little car packs in my kit for easy distribution, but I’ve seen bridesmaids tuck a tissue in the backside of their bouquet for easy access during emotional vows.

Safety Pins & Bobby Pins

Photography Credit: Fulleylove Photography

For high-touch/on-the-go items I wear a waist pack full of the most essential items. Along with tissues for last minute tears, I keep packs of bobby and safety pins at the ready. Be it a snapped dress strap or rogue bang, these are almost always asked for on wedding days and, yet, my number one most forgotten wedding item.

Wondering about other items you should pack for your wedding day? Check out my Wedding Day Packing Checklist to make sure you don’t miss any must-haves for your wedding day. And if you think a planner with an emergency kit as hefty as mine is a good fit for your wedding planning needs, let’s schedule a time to connect over your vision.

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