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Wedding Day Packing List

Your wedding day is just around the corner and you’re SO excited to be marrying the love of your life. Now you just have to pack… but that’s sent you into a tail spin because what does one need to pack for a wedding day? You know you need your clothes, but what are you forgetting? And where did you stash the marriage license “for safe keeping”? Never fear, Nearlywed, we’ve put together a wedding day packing list that covers all the essential, must-pack items for your best day ever!

What to Pack

Pre-Wedding Clothes

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Whether you’re donning a robe, pjs, or just some old sweats, don’t forget to pack your pre-wedding clothes. These are what you’ll wear while getting ready. We recommend the top being either a tie or button front so that you don’t have to pull it over your head and muss your hair and/or makeup. While they don’t need to be couture, keep in mind that you may be photographed in them either professionally or for your BFF’s TikTok.

Wedding Attire

This doesn’t just include your dress or suit. Be sure you include hosiery, shapewear and undergarments in your packing. You’ll also want to double check that you’ve packed your headpiece, veil, tie, and/or pocket square. Finally, don’t forget your dancing shoes – or your wedding shoes and socks!

If your wedding day includes a secondary outfit, ensure you’ve got all your layers covered.

Wedding Jewelry

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This includes earrings, necklaces, bracelets, watches, & cufflinks, as well as, you know, the rings.

For your rings, have any engagement rings cleaned week-of and prep wedding bands for the day-of. We never recommend having your ring bearer carry the real rings down the aisle. Instead, give the rings to an attendant of honor and send faux rings or a cute sign down with the kiddos.

Something Old, New, Borrowed, & Blue

If you’re honoring this tradition, double check that you’ve packed all your elements. If you truly want to go all in, add on a “six pence for your shoe” to finish off the lucky charm.

Family Heirlooms

These are not a must pack, but if you have any family heirlooms you want to include – like grandmother’s rosary or a multi-generational pocket watch – pack them away in a safe spot for travel.


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There is a lot of research around sense memories. If you’d like to wear a special scent – or your signature scent – on your wedding day, add it to your packing list. We also love when couples have these engraved (we love The Write Gal) and included in their details box for their photographer (see more about this later!).

Hygiene Essentials

This list includes any touch-up makeup, extra bobby pins, hairspray, clear deodorant, and prescription medicine. It doesn’t hurt to toss a toothbrush & toothpaste or mouthwash in as well so you feel minty fresh before your big kiss. Our team carries an emergency kit full of first aid, beauty, and miscellaneous items for wedding days, but it never hurts to pack your own so it’s at your disposal the second you need it.

Wedding Essentials

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These are things you’ll need to actually get married, i.e. your marriage license and an extra copy of your vows, if you’re writing your own. We recommend putting these in a water proof sleeve or folder to avoid crinkling or damaging the papers in transit.

This also includes any tip or final payment envelopes. You may also want to bring a checkbook for any unexpected expenses. (We actually had a wedding extend an hour once because dad’s long winded – nearly 45 minute – speech ate into their dance floor time. We needed to pay all the vendors for the overage to keep the night going.)

Wedding Party Gifts

If you’re gifting anything to your wedding party, don’t forget to add these to your packing list. Also included, if you’re giving your new spouse or parents a gift or card, be sure these are packed away and easily accessible for your wedding day. Alternatively, you can choose to give these out the night before and save yourself some morning-of stress.

Cell Phone & Charger

While I recommend keeping these in the getting ready suite during the day so you can be 100% present, you’ll want your phone & charger for the end of the night.

Honeymoon Suitcase, Passport, & Travel Documents

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Okay, I’m a big believer in waiting at least a few days before jetting off on your honeymoon (trust me the wedding hangover is real – whether or not you imbibe!). BUT if you are headed out-of-town immediately following the wedding, make sure you have all you’ll need on standby.

What to Set Aside For the Photographer

Having a details box put aside for your photographer makes your wedding morning smoother for everyone. There’s no running around the suite to collect all the things you want them to photograph and they can jump right into capturing these when they arrive. This is our go-to list of items your photographer would love to have pulled together for their arrival so they can get all the gorgeous images of your details.

  • Shoes
  • Rings
  • Fresh invitation suite (including envelope, stamps, or other meaningful paper goods – like your place cards)
  • Jewelry
  • Perfume/Cologne
  • Headpiece/Veil/Tie/Pocket Square
  • Optional: Family heirlooms (if you want these photographed)
  • Optional: A few extra blooms/greenery from the florist (if the florist is willing)
  • Optional: Ring box or ribbon (just if you happen to have these!)

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