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Top Wedding Party Gifts For Your Squad

Gifts for your wedding party members are a regular part of modern day weddings. Traditionally these gifts are given the night before or morning-of your wedding as a sign of appreciation for those you’ve invited to stand at your side while you marry the love of your life.

As anyone whose been a part of a wedding knows – your wedding party members have invested their money and time into all the things that go into supporting a couple on their wedding weekend (*cough, cough* bach trips, showers, wedding weekend attire, travel, emotional support phone calls, etc. etc.). Giving them a gift that says “I acknowledge your commitment to our friendship and your support of this marriage” makes sense, but how do you come up with a group gift that ticks all the boxes?

I recommend thinking about the type of group your wedding party is when they’re together. I’ve broken down today’s roundup of wedding party gift ideas into the three categories of groups I see the most.

Chill Squad

This group is along for the ride. No prima donnas here, everyone in your group is go-with-the-flow and laid-back. When your wedding party gets together you’re all happy just to be together, no big plans required.

For the chill squad, gift them something that fits their comfortable vibes:

  • PJs/Shirts
  • Slippers/Socks
  • Delta 8/THC Gummies

Party Squad

This group is here. to. celebrate! They’ll be popping the bottles first thing upon arrival. When your wedding party gets together everyone knows to stock to bar and prepare the dance floor for some serious moves.

For the party squad, consider gifts that help them keep the party going after the weekend is over:

  • Flasks or Decanters
  • Wine/Beer/Shot Glasses
  • Hangover Kits

Glam Squad

This group always shows up dressed to the nine. They were heavily invested in selecting the wedding weekend attire. When your wedding party gets together it regularly includes carefully coordinated outfit plans.

For the glam squad, support them looking their best for your wedding day:

  • Jewelry/Hair Pieces
  • Cufflinks/Tie Bars
  • Makeup Bags or Toiletry Kits

Want Some Extra Planning Support?

While your wedding party is likely full of wonderful people to support you during the planning process, a professional planner can come alongside you to provide the expert guidance, creative vision, and on-site production management to make your dreams a reality. The Skylar Caitlin team plan & design events focused on giving couples, their wedding party, and their guests a seamless overall wedding weekend experience. Connect with us today to start you wedding planning journey.

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