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The Spring Seeding: A Year Long Experiment in Seasonal Living

If we were to grab coffee, there’s a good chance I would engage you in a conversation about seasonal living. Now, before you dismiss it as something woo-woo or new age, consider this: nature provides us with energetic cues, and we often find ourselves more energized when there’s more light during certain times of the year. That’s the basic concept behind seasonal living.

There are a lot of times we natural do it – like swimming in the summer and the mini-hibernation between holidays in December & January. This year I’m embracing the natural rhythms and cycles of the seasons, living in alignment with what nature offers, and stepping away from the idea that we must show up the same way every single day of the year.

In this blog post, I want to share the first part of my year-long experiment with seasonal living: Spring.

P.S. Incorporating seasonal living into our wedding businesses can be a powerful marketing strategy. By observing purchasing behaviors and trends during different seasons, we can tailor our offerings and promotions to align with the desires of our clients. Understanding the energy and mood of each season allows us to create a more meaningful and memorable experience for couples, enhancing their purchasing experience with the essence of the season. Tayler of Taylrd Media and I break this down in our post: How to Use Seasonal Marketing in the Wedding Industry.

The Energy of Spring

Spring, often referred to as the earth’s “New Year,” signifies a fresh start and a time of newness and growth. It’s when the seeds planted long ago begin to sprout and bloom. Personally, I’ve chosen to treat spring as my start of 2023. After spending the winter months reflecting on my goals and intentions for the year, I finally feel solid in them and ready to put them into action.

What’s particularly exciting about this approach is that, for me, the year has just begun. Initially, I felt overwhelmed realizing we were already nearing the halfway point of the calendar year. But then it hit me—I’m not bound by a traditional calendar year schedule. I’m merely two months into my own personal year, with plenty of time ahead of me.

This year, my guiding word is “nurture.” After years of struggle, hustle, and trying to force life to fit a predetermined mold, I’m taking a significant step back. I’m focusing on cultivating growth, support, and strength in my life, allowing myself the space and time to thrive.

Living Intentionally with the Season

Living in harmony with the seasons involves embracing intentional practices that align with the energy of each time of year. Here are a few ways I’m incorporating seasonal living into my daily life:

  1. Eating light spring veggies: As spring brings an abundance of fresh produce, I’m embracing the opportunity to nourish my body with the lightness and vitality of seasonal vegetables. While I’m not hard core about only eating in-season produce, we are focusing on lighter preparations of whatever we put on the menu.
  2. Curating a capsule wardrobe: By streamlining my wardrobe and selecting pieces that suit the current season, I can embrace the changing weather and feel confident in my attire while reducing decision fatigue. It’s also fun to “see” the seasons change in my closet.
  3. Enjoying the cool-ish Houston weather: Summers in Houston can be oppressively hot, so I’m taking advantage of the milder spring climate. Riding with the windows down, indulging in patio happy hours, and going for long walks in the park allow me to savor the beauty of the season.

Celebrating the Season

To make the most of each season, I’ve set a goal for myself to celebrate its arrival in a meaningful way. This year, I hosted a Spring Clean Swap, inviting friends to bring items they were ready to release, such as clothes, home decor, or books. This event not only encouraged spring cleaning but also fostered a sense of community. Anything that didn’t find a new home was donated to a local charity, extending the spirit of giving.

Looking ahead to summer, I’m planning a joint Summer Solstice party with my friend Becki from Smith House Photography. Last year, we hosted a Drinks & Dessert gathering, where we provided beverages and recipes for various summer-themed spritzes, and guests brought desserts for a potluck table. This year, we’re excitedly working on a “coastal cowgirl” themed celebration, complete with a relaxed dress code, bonfire, and surprise takeaways.

As someone who has always enjoyed hosting, these seasonal parties give me an excuse to gather loved ones and create memorable experiences. They mark natural turning points in the seasons and serve as reminders to live in harmony with the energy each season provides.

Seasonal living doesn’t have to be an esoteric concept; it’s about recognizing and embracing the natural rhythms of life. By attuning ourselves to the energy and offerings of each season, we can lead more intentional and fulfilling lives. Spring, with its fresh start and growth, offers us the opportunity to set intentions and take action toward our goals. Incorporating seasonal living into our everyday routines and celebrations adds depth and richness to our experiences. So, let’s raise a cup to living in sync with the seasons and embracing the beauty they bring to our lives.

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