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18 Essential Email Templates for Every Wedding Coordinator’s Toolkit

Betcha didn’t imagine spending 95% of your time as a wedding coordinator writing emails?

You had visions of attending walkthroughs, making dreams come true, and actually getting to bed at a decent hour on weeknights. But right now, it’s all you can do to keep up with your inbox.

As an 11+ year industry veteran, I’m here to share my expertise and provide you with a list of essential email templates that every wedding coordinator should have in their back pocket.

For Clients


Once your clients book your services, it’s important to make them feel valued and informed. Include a welcome packet and provide an overview of what they can expect throughout the planning process.


Support your couples without being obnoxious by sending check-in emails at the 6-month and 3-month prior marks. This ensures you’re staying connected and keeping track of important milestones.

Start of Services

Kick off your coordination services with an email that reminds your clients of any necessary paperwork they need to complete. Set the tone for a smooth and organized planning experience.

Meeting Follow-Up

Streamline your process by preparing post-meeting follow-up email templates. These ready-to-go emails save you time and ensure that important details are communicated effectively.

Introduction to Wedding Day Team

Foster better communication between your clients and other wedding professionals. Provide your couples with a copy-and-paste email template to introduce you directly to the wedding day team member you haven’t worked with before, encouraging seamless collaboration.

Final Payment Reminders

Help your clients stay on track with their payments by sending gentle reminders in the days leading up to the month-out mark when many payments are due. Share a quick overview of payment due dates, recipients, and amounts.

Wedding Party Info Collection

Establish your professionalism by reaching out to the wedding party and family via email prior to the wedding. Use a template to gather important information from the couple, the answers to which will help you serve as a reliable point of contact during the wedding weekend.

Wedding Party Introduction

Introduce yourself and provide any crucial information to the wedding party approximately two weeks before the big day. For full-planning clients, consider sending this email earlier to offer additional support.

Wedding Week Reminders

Build excitement and trust by sending reminders during the wedding week. Use this opportunity to communicate any last-minute pickups of personal decor items and ensure everyone is prepared for the celebration.

Night-Of Reminders

After the wedding concludes, send a night-of reminders email that includes information about the whereabouts of personal items, receipts for final payments, and any other details your clients may need.

Post Wedding Follow-Up

Express gratitude to the couple for their trust and support by sending a follow-up email approximately a month after the wedding. Ask for their feedback and provide a review link to maintain a positive relationship.

For Wedding Professionals

A couple of wedding professionals pose as a group while waiting for their vendor meals at a wedding in Carmel Valley, California
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Response to Introduction Email

After receiving an introduction email from a couple to a vendor you haven’t worked with before, respond promptly with an email that includes your contact information, office hours, and when they can expect specific deliverables from you.

Timeline & Layout Delivery

Notify wedding professionals that you are sharing the timeline and layout and request their feedback by a specific date. This ensures everyone is on the same page and can make necessary adjustments.

Final Counts

Create a templated email to provide final headcounts, addresses, and loading dock information for catering, cake, bar, rentals, and other guest count-dependent suppliers. This saves time and ensures accurate coordination.

Final Detail Confirmations

As the wedding approaches, send a final details confirmation email to review the agreed-upon expectations with each vendor. Ensure they have received their final payments and address any outstanding concerns.

Final Wedding Packets

The week of the wedding, send a comprehensive packet containing the timeline, layout, pertinent design information, and vendor-specific notes personalized for each member of the wedding day team. Request confirmation of receipt by three days prior to the wedding. And call to follow-up if they haven’t confirmed via email.

Post-Wedding Thank You

Cultivate a positive team atmosphere by sending a post-wedding thank-you email to the wedding team members. Include Instagram handles for shout-outs, acknowledge exceptional performers, and foster a supportive community.


Several weeks to months after the wedding, reach out to the professionals you loved working with and kindly ask for their review link. Offer your review link for them as well, emphasizing that it’s not reciprocal or expected but an optional gesture if they enjoyed working with you as much as you enjoyed working with them.

When crafting your emails, remember to answer the three essential questions:

  1. What is it?
  2. Why should they do it?
  3. What’s next?

Keep your messages concise, efficient, and action-inspiring. The goal is to keep your coordination clients and their wedding day team organized while providing information, value, and responsiveness.

If you’re looking for pre-made email templates, I’ve got you covered with 51 Email Templates Every Wedding Planner Needs, available in my shop. Take control of your email and elevate your coordination services to new heights!

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