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Capsule Wardrobe | Summer 2023

Welcome back to my capsule wardrobe journey! If you’ve been following along, you already know that I embarked on this path to simplify my closet and find my personal style. In my previous post, I shared my Spring capsule wardrobe experience and how it transformed my approach to getting dressed. Now, as the temperature rises and the days get longer, it’s time to dive into the world of a summer capsule wardrobe. Join me as I share the curated collection of versatile pieces that I’m hoping will keep me effortlessly chic and comfortable throughout the sunny season.

A Reflection on Spring

Before we delve into the summer capsule wardrobe, I want to take a moment to reflect on my Spring capsule wardrobe journey.

Did I have enough clothes?

Absolutely! One of my initial concerns was whether my capsule wardrobe would provide enough variety and options. However, I was pleasantly surprised to discover that I had plenty of outfits to choose from. To avoid styling ruts I started spending approximately 30 minutes each week browsing Pinterest for outfit inspiration and planning my weekly outfits on the StyleBook app which became a soothing part of my Sunday routine.

Evaluating the Base Capsule

One aspect I realized during the spring season was that my base capsule might have been slightly weighted toward heavier garments, at least for someone living in South East Texas. As the temperatures continued to rise, I found myself reaching for lighter and breezier pieces. Looking ahead to future spring seasons, I believe it would be beneficial to swap in a lightweight button-up shirt, either short or long sleeve would do, and consider making my grey sweater a seasonal item instead. I feel this adjustment will ensure a more balanced and weather-appropriate wardrobe.

Formal Wear Considerations

While my capsule wardrobe excelled in providing everyday wear options, I found that it lacked formal attire for special events. Throughout the spring, and anticipating summer events as well, I encountered a few formal occasions that my wardrobe couldn’t accommodate. However, staying true to my minimalist approach, I opted not to purchase new pieces for these events. Instead, I turned to alternatives such as borrowing from friends or utilizing rental services like Nuuly (this link is a referral link, if you get an account my friend Becki will receive Nuuly credits, and YOU get $10 off your first subscription). This allowed me to not add once-in-a-while items to my closet while still feeling stylish and appropriate at special events.

The Wardrobe Wishlist

This spring, I shared a wishlist of items that I hoped to add to my wardrobe throughout the year. Now that I’ve progressed through the spring season, it’s an opportune moment to revisit that wishlist and reflect on my experiences with it.

My ongoing wardrobe “wish list”

(1) Cream Relaxed Button Cardigan: This cozy and versatile cardigan remained on my radar throughout the spring season. I definitely missed it. There were so many cute styling ideas with a cardigan like the one on my board. But I sort of blew through my spending allotment for spring sooo… I anticipate prioritizing this item for the upcoming fall season, as it will provide the perfect layering option for cooler days.

(2) Moss/Olive Green Sweater: While I didn’t come across the moss/olive green sweater that I envisioned during end of season, I haven’t lost hope. I’m still on the lookout for that perfect holiday season sweater in my palette.

(3) Cropped Tan Knit Tank: This particular item didn’t find its way into my spring capsule wardrobe because I knew there were other pieces I wanted to prioritize. I’ll keep my eye out this summer, as it would be a fantastic addition for creating lightweight and breezy outfits.

(4) Mid-Wash Straight Leg Jeans: I didn’t have the opportunity to go thrifting for the mid-wash straight leg jeans as planned. However, I still consider them an essential addition to my wardrobe!

(5) Copper Silk Midi Skirt: Since this is more of a piece I know I want for fall, I’m waiting on the one I’m eyeing to go on sale OR for autumn to come around!

(6) Black Chelsea Boots: As I mentioned, I purchased these boots with some of my birthday money. They have seamlessly integrated into my wardrobe and have become a staple for both casual and more polished outfits. They replaced some very worn-out suede boots that were long past their better years.

In terms of accessories, I was fortunate to receive the gold huggies for my birthday these delicate pieces have enhanced my everyday looks, adding a touch of elegance and personality to my outfits. Unfortunately, the black belt didn’t fit as expected, but I’m in the process of finding a suitable replacement that will add some more styling options for me.

Building the Foundation: The Base 30-Piece Capsule Wardrobe

As I mentioned in the Spring post, my capsule wardrobe journey is based on the concept of having a core collection of 30 essential pieces that remain constant throughout the year. These foundational items serve as the backbone of my wardrobe and provide the versatility needed to create numerous outfit combinations.

These base pieces have been carefully selected for their versatility and suitability for year-round wear. By starting each season with this core collection, I can easily transition my wardrobe while maintaining a cohesive and functional capsule.The remaining 20-ish that make up my 50-piece complete capsule wardrobe change out seasonally.

My Base Wardrobe

  1. Tan Trench Coat: A timeless classic with removable sleeves for different looks.
  2. Copper-Brown Duster Cardigan: Perfect for layering during cooler summer evenings.
  3. Cropped Black Leather Jacket: A placeholder until I find the perfect leather jacket investment, I’m eyeing this seemingly too-good-to-be-true priced moto jacket from Quince.
  4. Denim Jacket: A versatile piece that goes well with almost anything.
  5. Black Silk Cami: Effortlessly chic and ideal for dressing up or down.
  6. White Silk Cami: A light and airy option for warmer days.
  7. Black/Olive Button Tank: This reversible piece allows for a seasonal flip and expanded versatility.
  8. Cream Textured Tank: A neutral and textured addition to the summer wardrobe.
  9. Black T-Shirt: A staple for everyday comfort and ease.
  10. White T-Shirt: Simple, yet essential for countless outfit combinations.
  11. Black & White Striped Long Sleeve T-shirt: A timeless striped piece that adds a touch of character.
  12. White Button-Up: I have two, with the lighter weight is one reserved for spring and summer.
  13. Chambray Button-Up: An effortlessly stylish option for casual summer days.
  14. Black Hoodie Sweatshirt: Perfect for lounging or achieving an athleisure-inspired look.
  15. Black Cotton Mockneck Sweater: A lightweight and versatile sweater for cooler summer evenings.
  16. Grey Lightweight Sweater: A versatile option for layering or wearing on its own. *may swap out mid summer because it’s too many sweaters for Houston.
  17. Brown Ribbed Lightweight Sweater: Adds a touch of coziness while still being seasonally appropriate.
  18. Black Slip Midi Dress: An elegant and versatile piece for various occasions.
  19. Black Button Midi Dress: The top and bottom can be separated for even more styling options.
  20. Black Leatherette Mini Skirt: A stylish and edgy addition to my summer wardrobe.
  21. Black Trousers: A classic and versatile option for more formal or dressier occasions.
  22. Khaki Trousers: Ideal for creating polished and sophisticated summer looks.
  23. Denim Jeans: A wardrobe staple that can be dressed up or down effortlessly.
  24. Black Jeans: Versatile and flattering, these are a go-to for many of my outfits.
  25. White Jeans: A fresh and crisp option for summertime.
  26. Black Leather Booties: A versatile footwear choice that adds a touch of sophistication.
  27. Tan Leather Booties: Perfect for transitioning between seasons and adding a warm tone.
  28. Tan Sneakers: Comfortable and stylish footwear for casual summer outings.
  29. White Sneakers: These are closet essentials IMO and my casual look go-to.
  30. Tan Suede Loafers: A chic and comfortable option that are my office-day go-to.

Summer 2023 Capsule Wardrobe

As the vibrant colors of spring transition into the sun-soaked days of summer, it’s important to reassess our clothing needs and adjust our capsule wardrobes accordingly. With the rising temperatures and the potential for beach getaways, backyard barbecues, and outdoor adventures, the summer capsule wardrobe invites a fresh selection of key pieces that embrace the spirit of the season. So, let’s explore the elements that will make up my summer capsule wardrobe and help us effortlessly embrace the sunny days ahead.

Psst… I’ve put as asterisk (*) next to all the items that were also in my spring wardrobe.

  1. Olive Linen Tank
  2. Blush “Brunch, Babes, Bubbly” Graphic Tank
  3. Chambray Cami*
  4. Black Body Suit*
  5. Tan & White Striped Short Sleeve Button-Up*
  6. Chambray Short Sleeve Button-Up*
  7. Short Sleeve White Blouse
  8. Sage Linen Long Sleeve Blouse*
  9. White Linen Skirt*
  10. Tan Warp Skirt
  11. White Denim Romper*
  12. Black Cape Top* (attaches to my black trousers to make a jumpsuit)
  13. Tan & White Stripe Linen Mini Dress
  14. Rust Orange Linen Mini Dress
  15. Tan & White Stripe Midi Dress*
  16. Black Shorts*
  17. Stone Linen Shorts
  18. Denim Shorts (lighter wash than spring)
  19. Tan Leather Sandals
  20. Black Suede Slingbacks
  21. Woven & Wood Platform Wedges
My summer 2023 capsule wardrobe made via the StyleBook app.
My Summer 2023 Capsule Wardrobe made via StyleBook App

Looking Ahead: Embracing Change and Building a Versatile Wardrobe

As I reflect on my spring capsule wardrobe journey and prepare to transition into the summer season, I definitely feel like I’m the right path. Embracing the concept of a capsule wardrobe has not only simplified my daily dressing routine but also allowed me to explore my personal style in a more intentional and mindful way.

As summer arrives, I am thrilled to refresh my capsule wardrobe again, infusing it with the lightness and vibrancy of the season. The transition brings an opportunity to reassess my needs, explore new styles, and experiment with a summer-focused selection of colors and textures.

Thank you for joining me on this journey so far, and I can’t wait to reconnect with you in September for the unveiling of my autumn capsule wardrobe.

Until then…

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