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Capsule Wardrobe | Fall 2023

Can I just say, the thrill is real – I’m practically dancing my way through writing this because I am beyond, and I mean beyond, excited to unveil the star of the show: my fall capsule wardrobe! Picture me doing a happy dance while sipping on a brown sugar cinnamon latte – that’s the level of giddiness we’re dealing with here.

This season, my closet is about to play host to some of my absolutely favorite articles of clothing I own, pieces that hold a special place in my heart and a VIP status in my wardrobe. I’m talking about those outfits that bring that extra swish to my step and a twinkle to my eye. It’s a reunion that’s giving me all the feels. So, buckle up, seasonal living pals – we’re about to embark on a journey that’s equal parts chic and cozy.

A Reflection on Summer

Before we dive headfirst into the cozy embrace of autumn, let’s take a moment to sip on some lemonade and chat about my thoughts about my summer capsule wardrobe.

Did I have enough clothes?

If you asked me whether my summer capsule journey was a success, I’d raise an ice-cold drink to that with a resounding “heck yes!” My capsule felt really great this summer. Armed with inspiration from Pinterest (saved to my StyleBook app to help whenever I felt blocked), I felt at ease with the options I had for everyday escapades and those sun-soaked getawaya. There were a few items I added to my closet, which I’ll share below, but overall I felt great about the pieces I chose for my summer capsule wardrobe.

Talk About a Heatwave

Texas has its limitations when it comes to summer clothing, mainly that we’ve spend almost two month with daily highs over 100 degrees. It’s an unwritten rule that we need not one, not two, but a triumvirate of outfits daily:

  1. The “I’ll Sweat Through This But I’ll Look Fabulous” Morning Ensemble
  2. The “I Survived Until Quitting Time, Let’s Keep It Stylish” Afterwork Attire
  3. The “Home Sweet Sauna” Outfit, Perfect for an Evening of Chilling (Literally)

And let’s be honest, my definition of “comfy home clothes” was resemble a cozy penguin rather than breezy loungewear. Sweatpants, bless their warm little hearts, just don’t cut it when your home’s thermostat is giving its all to hit a balmy 78 degrees.

This year, I decided to order some 100% cotton kaftans directly from Indian block print & textile artisans.

And I love them. I snagged a dynamic duo and they became my partners-in-coolness. I even wore one for my Midsummer party to stay cool is the outdoor heat.

I know, I know, “at home” clothes aren’t officially on the capsule roster, but mark my words, these kaftans were game-changers. They brought breezy vibes into my wardrobe and I’m unapologetically counting them as summer’s sartorial saviors.

The Wardrobe Wishlist

Back in early March, I created a wardrobe wishlist to tame my online shopping impulses and embrace mindful fashion. Spring gifted me with snazzy booties and huggie hoops (thanks, birthday fairy!). But summer wasn’t about to be left behind in the wishlist parade.

Cue the spotlight on a blushy-tan tank that practically leaped off the shelves, while on vacation nonetheless, fulfilling all the summer daydreams and adding a little more color versatility in my sleeveless department. It’s like my wishlist whispered its secrets to the universe, and lo and behold, the universe complied. 😉

But here’s the curveball: I indulged in an off-the-wishlist purchase.

Picture this: a local boutique, me, and an oversized corduroy button-up shirt. It was a “shaket,” if you will – part shirt, part jacket, and all kinds of rust-toned perfection. My palette, my style, and my new obsession. It didn’t need to be on the list; it simply had to be in my life.

And you know what? Zero regrets. This fashion rebel has been my partner-in-crime for the last half of summer, proving that sometimes, breaking the rules leads to the most stylish adventures.

Remember, folks, coloring outside the lines isn’t just allowed – it’s what makes fashion FUN. And with that, I raise my glass to summer’s grand finale, and say “Onwards to fall,” where the leaves aren’t the only things changing!

Building the Foundation: The Base 30-Piece Capsule Wardrobe

If you’ve been cruising through my previous spring and summer capsule talks, you’re already in on the secret sauce of my wardrobe magic: the unchanging 30 essentials that stand tall regardless of the seasons’ whims.

Imagine a rock-solid team of 30 pieces that never waver, no matter the wild style tides. These are the unsung heroes, the everyday champions, the backbone of my closet. They’re like that trusty friend who’s always up for an adventure, whether it’s a coffee date or a cross-country road trip.

My Base Wardrobe Includes:

  1. Tan Trench Coat
  2. Copper-Brown Duster Cardigan
  3. Cropped Black Leather Jacket
  4. Denim Jacket
  5. Black Silk Cami
  6. White Silk Cami
  7. Black/Olive Button Tank (this is a reversible piece)
  8. Cream Textured Tank
  9. Black T-Shirt
  10. White T-Shirt
  11. Black & White Stripped Long Sleeve T-shirt
  12. White Botton Up
  13. Chambray Button Up
  14. Black Hoodie Sweatshirt
  15. Black Cotton Mockneck Sweater
  16. Grey Lightweight Sweater
  17. Brown Ribbed Lightweight Sweater
  18. Black Slip Midi Dress
  19. Black Button Midi Dress
  20. Black Leatherette Mini Skirt
  21. Black Trousers
  22. Kahaki Trousers
  23. Denim Jeans
  24. Black Jeans
  25. White Jeans
  26. Black Chelsea Booties
  27. Tan Leather Booties
  28. Tan Sneakers
  29. White Sneakers
  30. Tan Suede Loafers

Fall 2023 Capsule Wardrobe

As the summer sun fades, I’m shifting my style to make way for the warm embrace of autumn (although I could still go for a cool embrace at this point). The vivacious hues of summer are gracefully giving way to the deep, earthy tones that define this season in my color palette. So without further ado, here’s my fall capsule – a curated ensemble of around 21 pieces that weave together to craft cozy, yet chic, ensembles for the crisp days and pumpkin-spiced nights ahead.

Psst… I’ve put an asterisk (*) next to all the items that were also in my summer wardrobe.

  1. Rust Tank 
  2. Graphic Tee
  3. Olive Linen Tank*
  4. Olive Short Sleeve Button Up
  5. Cream Mockneck Sweater
  6. Tan Mockneck Sweater
  7. Rust Twisted-Back Sweater
  8. White “Pirate” Blouse
  9. Rust Dolman Shirt
  10. Olive Button Up
  11. Rust Corduroy Button Up
  12. Olive Trousers
  13. Tan Skirt*
  14. Black Shorts*
  15. Rust Maxi Dress
  16. Olive & Checkered Dress (reversible)
  17. Orange Mini Dress*
  18. White Booties
  19. Navy Mule
  20. Grey Booties
  21. Black Suede Slingbacks*

Looking Ahead: Welcoming Fall and Cheers to New Possibilities

As the sun sets on this vibrant summer scene, I’m bubbling with excitement to welcome the enchanting aura of fall into my closet. I made a few additions – some planned, others deliciously spontaneous – that have opened up some new outfit possibilities.

My fall capsule is set to be a playground of timeless classics and snug textures, where my favorite pieces will step into the limelight once again. From warm earth tones that mirror nature’s changing palette to cozy layers that embrace me like a friendly hug, this capsule holds the promise of stylish adventures in every rustle of fabric.

Before you know it, we’ll be catching up again in December for a rendezvous with my winter capsule. That’s right, the final chapter of my 2023 style tale is on the horizon, promising a blend of warmth, elegance, and the magic that only the holiday season can bring.

So stick around, my fellow capsule wardrobe explorers, as we continue this ride through seasons, styles, and stories. It’s a journey that’s made all the more delightful by your company, and I can’t wait to share what’s next. Until then, let’s embrace fall’s arrival with open arms and fabulous outfits. Cheers to change, cheers to style, and cheers to the endless possibilities that each new season brings!

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