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The Autumn Harvest: A Year Long Experiment in Seasonal Living

As we step into autumn, the world undergoes a remarkable transformation. The vibrant greens of summer slowly surrender to the warm hues of red, orange, and gold, and the air carries the distinct scent of change. It’s a season of balance, introspection, and harvest gratitude—a time when nature teaches us the art of letting go gracefully.

In this installment of “The Seasonal Living Series,” we journey through the pages of autumn, exploring its energy, its wisdom, and its unique opportunities for celebration. We’ll delve into the essence of this season—a time for finding equilibrium amidst change, slowing down, and gathering the abundant fruits of our labor. Review my personal goals for living intentionally with the fall season. And I’ll share my Autumn Equinox celebration, an intimate “Autumn Soup Swap.”

As we bid adieu to the warmth of summer and prepare for the hushed days of winter, join me in this exploration of autumnal seasonal living.

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The Energy of Autumn

As the vibrant days of summer gradually yield to the crispness of autumn, we find ourselves in a season of transition and transformation. Autumn, with its golden hues and cooling breezes, invites us to embrace change, balance, and introspection. It’s a time of slowing down, of preparing for the approaching winter, and of turning our focus inward.

Autumn marks the pivot between the exuberance of summer and the hush of winter. In this season, the energy shifts from the external to the internal. We turn our attention inward, reflecting on the experiences and lessons of the year. It’s also a time for gratitude as we gather the bountiful harvest (whether metaphorical or literal) of what was planted in spring and carefully tended throughout the summer.

As the world transforms into a canvas of warm hues, Autumn beckons us to find equilibrium amidst change, to embark on an inward journey of self-discovery, and to celebrate the abundance born from our efforts. It’s a season that reminds us of the beauty in letting go and the joy in gratitude.

Living Intentionally with the Season

As autumn’s gentle transition unfolds around us, it’s an opportune moment to embrace the season’s wisdom. Autumn encourages us to take stock of our journey, to slow down and engage in introspection, and to find balance in all aspects of our lives.

  1. Reflecting on Spring’s Goals: Autumn provides a natural pause to revisit the goals we set during the vibrant energy of spring. It’s a season of closure, an opportunity to celebrate our achievements and acknowledge areas where growth is still unfolding. By honoring the intentions we set months ago, we create a sense of completion before the quiet introspection of winter.
  2. Slowing Down and Self-Care: In contrast to the hustle and bustle of summer, autumn invites us to embrace a slower pace. It’s a time to reduce social commitments and create space for self-care. I’m going to be focusing on activities like journaling, cozy “Slow Sundays,” and nature walks to observe the season’s changing beauty.
  3. Balancing the Scales of Life: Autumn encourages us to evaluate the balance in all spheres of our lives. I’m taking a closer look at how I’m distributing your time and energy among family, friends, and self. I’m seek equilibrium, ensuring that no aspect is neglected, and that I’m fostering meaningful connections.

Celebrating the Season

In my ongoing journey of seasonal living, celebrating each seasonal change has become a cherished ritual. From the fresh renewal of spring to the carefree days of summer, each season offers unique opportunities for connection and reflection. As autumn sweeps in (albeit very slowly here in Texas), it’s time for a new celebration—one that embodies the themes of the season: slowing down, nourishment, and harvest gratitude.

For my first autumnal celebration, I hosted an intimate couples dinner that blended the warmth of friendship with the flavors of the season. Inviting three couples to join my partner, Matt, and me, we created a small gathering that was intentionally curated. The guest list consisted of couples we didn’t know super well, fostering the opportunity to deepen these early relationships while ensuring everyone shared a comfortable, welcoming space.

The theme, if you will, of our autumn celebration was a heartwarming “Soup Swap.” Each couple brought their favorite homemade soup, pre-portioned as take-homes. We made the soup for the evening, a wild rice & mushroom recipe that Matt has perfected, as well as the lemon posset brulé dessert which I titled “The Last Taste of Summer.” Paired with fresh bread and carefully selected wines, our dinner table was a feast!

As we savored the delicious soups, we also enjoyed the nourishment of meaningful conversations and shared laughter. The act of swapping soups extended our celebration beyond the evening, as each couple left with a taste of everyone’s creation, ready to be enjoyed in the comfort of their homes in the coming week.

As the final leaves flutter to the ground and the air grows crisper (again, a Texas girl can hope), let’s continue the seasonal living lessons autumn has to give us. Remember that embracing the essence of each season doesn’t have to be an arduous task or require adhering to woo-woo spiritual practices that don’t resonate with you. In fall it means seeking balance, nourishing our bodies and minds, and wrapping up before the holidays.

Now, as we prepare to welcome the hushed days of winter, I invite you to join me in the final (what?!?) chapter of “The Seasonal Living Series.” In “The Winter Reflections,” we’ll delve into the beauty of introspection, the art of self-care, and I’ll share some behind-the-scenes of our winter solstice gatherings with long-time friends. Together, let’s explore the quietude and inner nourishment that winter promises. Until then, may the spirit of autumn’s harvest linger in your hearts!

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