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Unveiling My 2024 Goals and Word of the Year

As we step into the embrace of 2024, I find myself bubbling with excitement and a pocket full of aspirations. If you were with me last year, you know I embarked on a year-long experiment on seasonal living. For this experiment, I learned I’m better at setting a tone for the year (i.e. a word-of-the-year like I’ve done since 2015) paired with seasonal (or quarterly if you like the corporate-speak) goals. Join me as I share my 2024 aspirations, all tied together with my word of the year: Sustainable.

Word of the Year: Sustainable

Sustainable: able to be maintained at a certain rate or level ; able to be upheld or defended upheld or defended.

Oxford Languages

Sustainable is more than just a buzzword for me; it’s a mantra. As I shared in my newsletter last year, I had a full-on collision with burnout in 2022. Two years of hard times and survival-mode came crashing down and I entered 2023 in confusion, emotional turmoil, and with a new prescription to battle the depression that came along with all of that. As I’ve begun to heal and finally feel like I’m no longer just trying to make it through each day, I want to ensure that I’m rebuilding my life on a more solid foundation that is a sustainable way of life moving forward.

In 2024, I’m striving to create a life that not only sustains me but also nurtures the values I hold dear: integrity, creativity, growth, and community.

Community Goals: Building Bonds and Memories

Friends & Family

Cue continuing to host Equinox and Solstice Parties throughout the year – gatherings that celebrate the changing seasons and the people who make life extraordinary.


Vision boarding night with friends to plant our metaphorical seeds for 2024.


Our third annual gathering co-hosted in the backyard of one of my best friend’s – where summer evenings turn into magical memories.


A themed potluck that bring friends together in the spirit of community. Last year is was a soup swap, I’m still ideating for 2024’s theme!


For the first time since we started hosting seasonal gatherings, we should be in Houston for the winter solstice which means it’s time for a cozy holiday party at the Hupy House!

Growth: Nurturing the Mind and Soul

Seasonal/Cyclical Living

From my wardrobe to my eating habits, I’m continuing on my path into cyclical and seasonal living. Capsule wardrobes, mindful eating, and purposeful exercise that syncs with the rhythm of my internal cycles.


With Input & Learning being my top two Clifton StrengthsFinders, I’m big into continuous learning. Add in my love for reading and it only makes sense for me to commit to one educational book each month. January kicked off with “Wintering,” followed by “Contagious” in February and “Financial Feminist” in March.

Create Sustainable Workload/Flow

Balancing work and life in a way that fuels rather than drains – a puzzle I’m excited to add more pieces to this year.

Creativity: Crafting a Life of Expression


I’m all about trying new things in 2024 (in a sustainable way of course) including embarking on a sewing journey, starting with that dress pattern I’ve been eyeing. Perhaps 1-2 projects a quarter to add to my capsule wardrobe.


My Q1 home goal is to turning our “house rules” into an art piece, hanging proudly in our staircase – personal, humorous, and practical. We’re narrowing down our rules now and I think my favorites so far are “text when you get home” and “emotions are OK.”

Here’s to a year of growth, connection, and chasing dreams – one sustainable step at a time.

What are your goals for 2024? Share your journey with me in the comments below!

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